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Technical Specifications:

Wireless standard: 5.0

Transmission distance: 10 meters

Output power: 5W

Playing time: 4~6 hours

Frequency effect: 80Hz~15KHz

Speaker: 57mm 4Ω 5W

lnput power: 5V——1A
Maximum current consumption: 1A

Battery type: 18650 lithium ion battery 240omAh

Audio signal input interface: standard 3.5mmheadphone jack (stereo)


1.Wireless connection

2.Memory function, breakpoint resuming

3.Support U disk/TF card/AUX playback mode

4.Built-in lithium ion battery

5.5 waterproof function
6.Support MP3/ WAV/ WMA/ FLAC/APEmusic format decoding.
7.Using high-fidelity speakers, the soundis more natural and delicate

8.1+1 device serial connection function

9.FM radio function